Affiliates and Resources

Veterans Cannabis Collective Foundation Inc.

  Veterans Cannabis Collective was founded in Dec of 2014 by Mark DiPasquale, SSgt USMC Med Retired (OIF) and Irene Lowe, US Navy Chief veteran OIF/OEF. VCC offers veterans a place to learn valuable skills, acquire formal education, and experience camaraderie while on their journey to new found health and peace. Currently we offer free consultations to all Veterans and their families. If we do not have the answer, we will utilize our network and sources at the Veteran Cannabis Directory and our Vet Outreach Program.

The great thing about VCC is we are here to help educate, get educated, and act as a "Collective" consulting firm to help other Vets set up Organic food and cannabis gardens, nutrition counseling and more. We also offer substance abuse/harm reduction counseling. We know how tough it is as Veterans with limited incomes. Organic growing of any type can be costly, that's why we work together, just like we did while in the service. We are here to help YOU, and your family. Our our non-emergency PTSD Crisis Hotline is our number one priority, and Vet Outreach services for all Vets and families to call, we're combat Vets that know the struggle.

Additionally, VCC has formed a partnership with Air Force veteran Josh Littrell who founded Veterans For Cannabis (VFC). It is our dispensing arm to the collective providing Hemp Oil (CBD Tincture 50 state wide * and medical and rec state programs). Mark DiPasquale is one of the board members at VFC.

As of Sept, we are officially incorporated in NY, and are now Veterans Cannabis Collective Foundation, Inc. 

New  England Veterans Alliance Inc (NEVA)

is committed to assisting veterans improve their quality of life through more natural options in order to reduce the dependency on pharmaceuticals currently used to treat the myriad of issues that veterans face. We aim to reach as many veterans as possible in order to guide them to a healthier way of life through sustainable and natural options. NEVA also focuses on helping veterans gain access to medical marijuana education, doctor recommendations, social enrichment events focused on veteran fellowship and assistance making the connections needed to meet the unique needs of veterans in New England.

Granite State Health PLLC

  GSH empowers people in New Hampshire to improve their quality of life via symptom management, resource management, and thoughtful policy development and planning.